Our meetings- Updated Monthly

Monday July 8, 2024

Date: July 8, 2024 Time: 6:00 PM Location: Fitts Park located at 3050 South 500 East, Salt Lake City
Wandamere Pavilion – (at the south end of the parking lot)
This is a potluck picnic, so for those who can, bring along your favorite dish to share. It's a great opportunity to enjoy good food, friendships and beautiful music in a relaxed outdoor setting.
We encourage anyone who wishes to play after dinner to bring their accordion and share one or two songs. Let's make it an evening filled with the joy of music and camaraderie.

Monday June 3, 2024

Alice Cipollini & Anna Ryes presented a Musical Journey to Remember, we want to give a heartfelt thank you to Alice on accordion and Anna on classical guitar for their spectacular musical tour of the world. Their performance was a delightful blend of melodies that took us from the streets of Paris to the vibrant rhythms of South America. We appreciate their talent and dedication to bringing such a diverse range of music to our club.

Monday - May 6

Get ready to be entertained by the dynamic duo, Garry & Mindy! This talented accordion-playing couple has been a vital part of our club since the beginning. They first crossed paths in their youth, bonded by their love for the accordion, and their passion for music has only grown stronger over the years.GarryMindy

You might remember their captivating performances at our club's very first meeting back in 2005 and their triumphant return after our Covid hiatus. Now, they're back to delight us once again with their exceptional talent.

Join us in celebrating the magic of accordion music with
Garry & Mindy! It's sure to be an unforgettable experience.

Monday - April 1 - Review

Our April meeting was a grand success all thanks to Dave Marasco who gave us the idea to honor Palmer & Hughes - your idea twinkled like a comet across our musical skies! We’re eagerly tuning our celestial ears for your performance at our next Palmer & Hughes tribute. And may your music stand, like Sandy's, truly moonwalk its way to the stars!

April Fool’s Day was a lively gathering at our WAC meeting, celebrating the musical legacies of
Palmer & Hughes. Members were invited to showcase their favorite Palmer & Hughes accordion arrangements, resulting in a delightful evening of music and camaraderie.

The musical festivities began with
Sandy Hunsaker, whose music stand reached astonishing heights. Sandy, in a relaxed and jovial manner, set the tone by introducing the following performers, sprinkling in a few jokes along the way: Bruce Hunsaker, Yvonne, and her sister Suzy, who was visiting from California. Adding to the musical flair were Benito Garcia, Wayne Eckman, and his grandson. The lineup was completed by the dynamic duo of Garry & Mindy Garff, followed by Jerrilynn Comollo, and, last but not least Nan Schmaltz.

Monday - March 4

Our featured players this month is Bart Chadaz be sure as it is always a musical treat to hear Bart sing and play!

Monday – February 5, 2024

Our featured players this month are Mary Thomason and Rob Patterson. This will certainly be a great meeting to attend. Rob was instrumental in developing the newest Concerto accordion. It will certainly be a treat to hear both he and Mary perform.

Monday – January 8, 2024

We will start the New Year with a program featuring Paul Pasquali and students, Brian Richards, Jack Graybeal. This should be a fun night - so come join us as we kick off a New Year for WAC!

Monday – December 11 is our Christmas Festivity and open-mic.

Please bring your accordion (if you so desire) and be prepared to play one or two of your favorite Christmas songs. Or if you are not inclined to perform maybe you could bring a favorite Christmas Joke! Come join the FUN – who knows Sandy could dress up as Mrs. Claus.

Remember it is that time of year that many of you need to renew your membership. Thanks to those who have already renewed. Please check your renewal date, which is found above your name on the envelope address label.

At Joy Luck - TUESDAY, November 14, 2023

Note the DATE Change for November!

Glen Roylance - Set to perform Tuesday November 14!

About our Guest Artist!

Meredith Wilson’s great production, The “Music Man,” portrays an amusing story of Harold Hill’s ability to entice gullible parents to enroll their children in formal music study and, of course, buy the requisite instruments. The story may be fiction but it became a living reality in the case of Glen Roylance, who, at age seven, experienced “love at first sight” as he gazed upon a small twelve-bass accordion a door-to-door salesman had brought into his home. Glen’s pleadings and the salesman’s smooth-talking left Glen’s parents unable to say, “no” to the proposition of an “on the spot” purchase.

But Glen’s story has a happy outcome. Along with weekly lessons and the discipline of daily practice, he took his place as a “little boy” performer and discovered the intoxication of applause. Not only did entertaining others become a permanent part of his life, but at age fifteen he began teaching accordion lessons. Teaching and performing brought him a small, but steady income throughout his high school and college years.

In 2000, Paul Pasquali introduced Glen to the Concerto digital accordion. Not only was Glen amazed at the sounds he heard as he played this beautiful instrument, but he couldn’t sleep that night. He would simply have to have one of his own. That ultimately became a reality and following his retirement, Glen began carting his equipment to senior centers and rest homes in Northern Utah. His repertoire was and has always been heavily saturated with old-time memory music which he and his audiences have loved.

Just to round out Glen’s story, these additional notes may be of interest. With bachelor's and master’s degrees in psychology, education, and broadcasting, he spent some forty years with college-level teaching, writing, counseling, and educational administration. Since his retirement, he has published two books and is presently working on additional manuscripts. He has devoted decades of his life to church service which has involved numerous leadership responsibilities at home and abroad. At the heart of Glen’s life is a happy marriage and home life involving a large family. He and his wife, Carol, are the parents of ten children, sixty-one grandchildren, and many great-grandchildren.

October NEWS!
Dear Wasatch Accordion Club Members and Friends,

NO October Meeting! We have had great entertainment at our last 2 events!

Camp Concerto, sort of our September meeting, featured nationally recognized accordionist Gordon Kohl on the last day of August. Gordon played a wide variety of music, entertaining everyone with his expertise and love of all things musical. We heard the Camp Concerto orchestra play a couple of songs and heard solos from several camp participants. The members of our club playing in the orchestra were Jerrilynn Comollo, Mary Thomason and Rob Patterson. Mary Thomason was one of the camp participants who played an accordion solo singing along with her beautiful voice. It was a wonderful night of accordion music.

Cory Pesaturo, a true accordion virtuoso played for our club September 18th. We had a great turnout and everyone was thrilled with his performance, fast fingers, amazing memory, and his understanding of all types of music and music theory. It was a joy to watch and listen to Cory’s performance. He was an inspiration to all. Thanks Cory for the fun and entertaining evening.

Our next club meeting will be November 6th. Look for a newsletter at the end of October, with more information and who will be performing.
Please mark your calendar for our December 4th meeting. December will be open mic featuring you, our club members, sharing your favorite Christmas songs. So start practicing now! We are looking forward to hearing one or two songs each from our many talented WAC accordionists!

Accordionly yours,

Sandy Hunsaker


Dinner Concert – September 18, 2023!


CORY PESATURO Four-time World Champion
Cory is an exceptional artist, one of the world’s great accordionists. The cost of dinner and concert is only $35 each in advance and $45 at the door. Members get a $10 discount per ticket up to two tickets per standard membership for advance tickets only. Please buy your tickets early, since limited seats are available. You may purchase your discounted tickets from any board member listed below:
  • Sandy Husaker, President 801-628-1853
  • Jerrylynn Commollo Secretary-Treasurer 801-809-1899
  • Paul Pasquali, Event organizer 801-485-5840
  • Or you may visit or call Accordions International, 1760 South 450 West, Salt Lake City, UT to purchase tickets – 801-485-5840
  • Tickets!:
  • In Advance $35 per person dinner included
  • Members save $10 per ticket (first two tickets) in advance only
  • At the door $45 member and nonmember - limited seating!
Don't be dissapointed buy your tickets in advance and save!

Monday August 7th Features Yvonne Mueller

Yvonne is a Salt Lake City native. When she was 8 years old she started studying accordion at the Larry Pino Conservatory, and in her youth, competed at many national accordion competitions. Yvonne has four children, and three grandchildren. In addition to being a mother, grandmother and accordion player she is also an Office Manager for a construction company. Yvonne is an accomplished, expressive accordionist who is always a pleasure to hear.

Monday July 10, 2023- FITTS PARK

Summer is finally HERE! We have several exciting events to share: First, our next meeting is a Picnic at the Park. Come join our second annual open-mic picnic in the park. This is your chance to bring your accordion and play a song or two under the pavilion. Here are the details:
  • Date – Monday, July 10, 2023.
  • Location – Fitts Park, 3050 S 500 E in Salt Lake City at the Lions Pride Pavilion (North end).
  • Time – Event starts at 6:30 PM - you may come as early as you like – the pavilion is reserved all day.
  • Food – Bring something to share – the club will provide napkins, plates, utensils, cups and water plus Sandy will be providing homemade root beer!
  • Music – We would encourage anyone who wants to play to bring their accordion and play a favorite song or two – a chair and music stand will be provided.
Next CORY PESATURO – those of you who have heard Cory perform know that this is an exceptional opportunity to hear one of the world’s great accordionists. Enclosed is a flyer – the cost of dinner and concert for club members is only $25 each (two tickets per membership household – extras available for $35 each). Advance tickets are $35 and tickets at the door will be $40. Please buy your tickets early, since limited seats are available. You may purchase your discounted tickets at the July Picnic or the August WAC meeting. Or, see the enclosed flyer for purchasing tickets directly. Please make checks payable Wasatch Accordion Club.

Monday June 5, 2023

This month we are excited to feature Alice Cipollini on accordion & Anna Reyes on classical guitar! They are planning a tribute concert to a 20th century accordionist. Come to the meeting and find out whom. You will definitely have a great time with Alice’s fun and energetic personality combined with her accomplished accordion skills. Anna is an accomplished Guitarist, she plays in the Weber State Classical Guitar Ensemble and teaches at Weber State. You won't want to miss this meeting. It will surely to be an outstanding night.

Monday - May 1

Wayne Eckman will be our featured artist for May. Wayne will be presenting his favorite songs from Burt Bacharach, Rogers & Hammerstein, Henry Mancini, and John Williams which should be a delightful evening of great Twentieth Century American music. Also we will be hearing from two of Paul’s students – Benito Garcia and Jack Graybeal.
Rob Patterson has agreed to return and play for us at a future date this year. We wish him well as he will be having knee surgery the morning after our May 1 meeting. Also we are sad that we missed Jim Baric, a professional accordionist from Kansas City. Jim left enough CD’s for each club member to have one. Thank you Jim – they are free of charge, one per member household.


April meeting Cancelled due to Winter Storm

Monday April 3, 2023 Featuring: Jim Baric, Benito Garcia, & Rob PattersonYES we will have three performers for a wonderful evening of music. Here is just a little information about each.
  • Jim Baric, a professional musician from Kansas City, KS and former student of Don Lipovac. Jim plays mostly Bosnian music and is in town getting his new Colombo Accordion and is willing to play a few songs – this should be a highlight for everyone in attendance.
  • Benito Garcia – a local club member will be performing a Spanish song arranged by Frank Gaviani
  • Rob Patterson – we all know and who was the highlight at our club Christmas concert. Rob has been gracious enough to come play and has an exciting play list of songs that are sure to please.
Bottom line – COME Monday April 3 it will a GREAT evening of Music!

Monday March 6, 2023Steve Keen and Dave Asman – both very accomplished professional musicians. Steve on accordion and Dave on clarinet – this will be a wonderful musical treat – mark your calendar and come join us for a wonderful evening of music.

Monday February 6, 2023 - Featured the Accords. What a fun night hearing Glenna Archibald and Joan Weitzeil perform together as though they were one! This was our last chance to hear them before Joan Weitzel and her husband leave to serve a mission to Scotland. We also had a silent workshop presented by Paul Pasquali, in case you missed it you can click here to get your personal copy of the short workshop.

Monday January 9, 2023 - Our first meeting of the year was wonderful! We are thankful to Bart Chadez and his friends Dave Deakin and Cindy Munns.

Monday December 5, 2022 – Our December 5th Christmas event was a fun time for all those present. We heard from many of our club members and guests including Jack Graybeal, Dane Hess, Benito Garcia, Nan Schmultz, Yvonne Mueller and Rob Patterson.

Monday November 7, 2022 Featured Garry Garff and his Irish group Shilaylee plus we had a surprise visit with a short performance by Gordon Kohl.

Monday October 3, 2022 Featured – Paul Pasquali and students Dane Hess, Jack Graybeal, Benito Garcia and Brady Cloward

TUESDAY - August 2 - (Joy Luck is closed for annual vacation from July 24th thru August 1st!)
Please come and join the FUN - we will be hearing from Mary Thomason, Dane Hess and maybe a few more suprises! We look forward to seeing you Accordion Club!

Camp Concerto 2022 - Annual Concerto Wednesday, August 31!
Please note that Camp Concerto will have it's annual Concert on Wednesday, August 31 - Mark your calendar and come join us at Joy Luck that evening for some wonderful entertainment! Cost of admission is simply your meal - the concert is FREE!

July 11 Meeting at Fitts Park - pot luck dinner with open mic.
We will venture out on July 11 and have a fun time in the Park. Fitts Park is located at 3050 South 500 East in South Salt Lake City. You can enter from either 33rd South coming up to 500 East and traveling north to 3050 South - the park is on the west side of the street.
Or you may exit on I-80 at 700 East and then go back two blocks at 2700 South and then turn south bound in 500 East and find the park on your right - at 3050 South.
We have reserved the Lions Pride Pavilion located on the north side of the park and close to parking.
Bring a dish to share and we would love it if you practice a song or two to play after our POT LUCK Dinner.

June 6 Meeting - The Accords

Glenna Archibald and Joan Weitzeil entertained us in their FUN style with several upbeat numbers and closed with a great rendition of Dance Macabre by Camille Saint-Saëns. Thank you Glenna & Joan for a fun night!

May 2nd WAC Meeting -
We heard from
Bart Chadaz followed by Andy Connolly who played his brand new Colombo tone chamber accordion. Andy and Bart both are great entertainers and we had a great night!
The Monday, April 4 meeting will start out with a couple of Paul’s students followed by a wonderful program with Yvonne Mueller.
Yvonne’s been playing the accordion since age eight. She took lessons, first from Steve Mori and then later Larry Pino. Yvonne performed many years at the Snowbird Oktoberfest and with Saltsburg Echo, and she continues to play casual performances. Yvonne is the oldest daughter of Val and Dieter Arndt “an accordion family” - five of their six children played the accordion. Val started it all by learning to play the accordion in Germany as a small child. 


We have listened to our members and are not holding meetings during the month of February or March.
We plan on returning Monday, April 4, 2022. Look for your newsletter to come in the mail for both March and April.
Yvonne Mueller will be the featured artist at our April meeting plus a few young stars as well! We look forward to seeing every one come April 4 for a great night of accordion music and friendship!

JAN 2022 - SECOND MONDAY - January 10 at Joy Luck

We welcome you to our first meeting of 2022 Featuring WAYNE ECKMAN & FAMILY!
Wow can it be that WAC is now into its 17th year? Hard to believe our little club got started in 2005 - and here it is 2022!
We look forward to a great time with some wonderful music and Wayne has promised a few surprises for us! So come join us as we welcome in 2022!

Monday, December 6 - Christmas time at Joy Luck!
This year WAC will celebrate Christmas together at Joy Luck on December 6th at 6:30 PM. Plan to order your favorite dish and join friends for some great conversation followed by our Christmas Open mic music party!
Yes, all members are invited to play a favorite Christmas song or two. This has been an annual tradition that we are bringing back this year. Pull out your accordion and dust off Jingle Bells whether you decide to play or not we will all have a great time!

Monday, November 1, 2021 - What a great meeting
First we heard from student McCoy Royall. Then we had the wonderful treat of hearing Steve Keen & David Atman. Together Steve & Dave's music was entertaining, inspiring, and beautiful with rich harmonies. The combination of Steve on accordion with David on clarinet was mesmerizing. We thank both Steve & David for the time, talents and good humor. They were AMAZING!

It is so good to be back, seeing, talking, and listening to live music. Thanks for being such a great accordion family. It is a pretty exclusive club and we love having you be a part of it. We would love to expand and grow our group, so please invite your friends to come and enjoy! - Sandy Hunsaker

Monday October 4 - With Alice Cipollini
Thank you Alice Cipollini for a fun-filled evening of music! We followed the leader singing and listening to wonderful accordion music! We celebrated all things Italian for Columbus Day – Bravissima Alice!

Monday, September 13 Pat Whall memorial!
We will hear from accordionist Andy Connolly (Ranger Andy during the day at the Natural History Museum).
Then we will have a short program to honor our dear friend Pat Whall - who was always there for the Wasatch Accordion Club. If you have good memories or stories you would like to share please let either Paul or Sandy know.
Followed by a few songs played by Paul Pasquali in Pat's memory.
Click here to see Video of Memorial to Pat.

Joy Luck August 11 - Wednesday - With Gordon Kohl!
We are meeting on Wednesday because it is the last day of Camp Concerto. This will be a normal club meeting at Joy Luck - so we meet at 6:30 and everyone buys their own dinner then we have music from some of the Camp members with a Grand Performance by Guest Artist Gordon Kohl. Make sure to come join this special evening!

July 12 is our next meeting - and it Starrs YOU!

It is a July tradition - This month it is your turn to take to the stage and play one or two of your favorite songs. Everyone is welcome - if you want to play let Sandy know (you can text her at 801-628-1853). If you want to sit in the audience and enjoy some great music - just show up. Dinner seating starts about 6:15-6:30 and when we finish our meal together the music starts!

Our June 7 meeting was a great success!

This was our first live meeting in over a year and Garry & Mindy Garff provided us with an amazing re-opening! They played folk songs; some Broadway and Garry performed a Neil Diamond song.  We had about 30 people in attendance. It was magnificent to be together again and hear such wonderful accordion playing!

Wednesday – August 11, 2020 (Camp Concerto Concert) – 6:30 Dinner Seating Joy Luck