A Little History

WAC was founded on October 5, 2005 and is a volunteer non-profit - membership owned club.
Many people helped form the club – but we will be forever indebted to Marjean & Richard Nielson who were the inspiration and worked tirelessly to help the club get off the ground. Other leaders who have served in capacity of President have been Dave Marasco, Jenny Robinson, and Sandy Hunsaker or current president.
Our first meeting was Monday at the Alette Day Cultural Arts Center on October 17, 2005. Performers that evening included Steve Mori, Garry & Mindy Garff, Lou Formoff and Jim Tsofakis.
For more than 15 years the Wasatch Accordion Club has been a gathering place for local accordionists and enthusiasts that share the love of the accordion.
We usually meet the first Monday of each month at Joy Luck in Bountiful, Utah (see meeting location for details).
Over the years the Wasatch Accordion Club has been a proud sponsor of many famous Artists including world-renowned accordionists such as Peter Soave, Amy Jo Sawyer, Tony Lovello, Cory Pesaturo, Mario Pedone, Gordon Kohl, Steve Albini, Tatiana Semchastnaya including many of our own local famous accordionists such as Steve Mori, and some local legends such as Lou Fornoff, Hank Milano, and Larry Pino to name just a many talented artists who have performed for us over the years.